Winter on Lake Ontario

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Winter on Lake Ontario

Winter on Lake Ontario

Our winter starts in October and ends in May. Snow, ice, mud, rain, over and over and over. Boots, winter jackets, warmer jackets, mittens, warm gloves, shoveling, more shoveling and chopping the ice. Waiting for the garage roof to shed its ice without dropping on anyone important. Taking out the trash and getting the mail without falling on the ice. Pushing myself to go out among humans when I would rather stay inside where it is warm and there is no snow, ice, mud or rain.

The dogs go out and in, out and in, and bring in the snow, ice, mud and rain. A clean floor is impossible. I have not persuaded them to wear boots. They do like “the towel” when they come in and compete to be the first one to be dried off. Murphy and Penny like to bring in chunks of ice to chew on. Then they wander off and leave melted chunks pooling here and there.

Snow does look pretty for Christmas and when it sparkles in the (infrequent) bright sunshine. It looks pretty when it is new-fallen and covers the old, dirty mess along the road. I enjoy listening to and watching the birds at the feeder- cardinals, juncos, nuthatches, chickadees, goldfinches. I love to watch the wild turkeys walking slowly without a care in the world until my dogs notice and bark them away from the yard.

Last week a major winter wind took out a forty-year-old evergreen tree in our front yard. Totally uprooted, over on its side. No structures were injured in this incident, but I miss the tree.

I long for spring, for green grass, crocuses, peepers at night, the cardinal’s mating call, new buds on the trees. I am ready to store the heavy winter coats and gloves, boots and scarves, and get out the sweatshirts and sweaters. I am ready to take walks and enjoy the new green growth along the way. I am ready to be done with the snow, ice, mud, and rain.

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