Taking My Puppies to the Vet

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Taking My Puppies to the Vet


Taking my puppies to the vet is quite the experience for me. We currently have 3 dogs: Molly and Murphy, chocolate labs age 8 1/2, and Penny, a beagle, blue tick-hound mix, age 1 1/2. These 3 make an interesting group. The beagle is best friends with one lab and not so much a friend to the other lab. The 2 labs went to the vet the other day for their well visit, one dog at a time. I can really only comfortably handle one at a time. They like the ride in the car, but once we get into the vet’s parking lot, all hell breaks loose. They do not see anything good about taking the puppies to the vet.

When I take Murphy to the vet, the only door she likes is the one that takes her back out of the vet’s building. She paces and cries, and tries to get into my lap, and doesn’t really even like treats, which is totally out of character for her. She was not very compliant during her exam. She had to be taken out back for more folks to hold her for shots. On the positive side, Murphy is “my” dog, my big furry teddy bear. We have a special connection. Murphy’s favorite thing is belly rubs. She gives me a great big smile for great big belly rubs and some scratching of her head. Molly is my husband’s dog. They communicate with groans. Molly “walks” with him all over the house. They have a special bond.

Now there is Penny, the beagle. Penny had 2 other homes before we adopted her when she was 4 months old. We are not sure of the reason two other families brought her to the shelter, but it could be stubbornness, or counter surfing, or that she gets into everything. She is very intelligent and actually tries to talk. It is some kind of babbling that comes from her throat, and based on circumstances when she does it, we are pretty good at guessing what she wants. Penny is very cuddly and sleeps with us. The vet gave me some sedatives for Murphy and Molly’s next visits to the vet. I hope it is really good, like propofol, maybe.

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