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Divorced Widow’s Benefit: Why Is Corrine Harkins’ Being Stolen By Social Security?

09/10/2019 Finance  No comments

Social Security widow's benefit

Corrine Jean Harkins lives at 2001 Airport-Pulling Road, Naples Florida 34112. Her PO Box for Social Security mailing purposes is PO Box 301 Naples Fl 34106. Corrine is 70. She has been taking her own retirement benefit since age 62. We’re posting her information because it’s the only way we can help her. Now there is a problem with her divorced widow’s benefit.

Last January her ex-husband from a 14-year marriage passed away. She went to her local office in Naples, Florida and applied for her excess divorced widow’s benefit. The agent who took all the information was pleasant, stating she’d be receiving a large increase — over $1,000 more per month, as her ex was receiving a very large benefit...

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