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Divorced Widow’s Benefit: Why Is Corrine Harkins’ Being Stolen By Social Security?

09/10/2019 Finance  No comments

Social Security widow's benefit

Corrine Jean Harkins lives at 2001 Airport-Pulling Road, Naples Florida 34112. Her PO Box for Social Security mailing purposes is PO Box 301 Naples Fl 34106. Corrine is 70. She has been taking her own retirement benefit since age 62. We’re posting her information because it’s the only way we can help her. Now there is a problem with her divorced widow’s benefit.

Last January her ex-husband from a 14-year marriage passed away. She went to her local office in Naples, Florida and applied for her excess divorced widow’s benefit. The agent who took all the information was pleasant, stating she’d be receiving a large increase — over $1,000 more per month, as her ex was receiving a very large benefit...

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Tax planning for retirement

Tax planning for retirement

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Stephen Nelson, a wealth manager at Aldrich Wealth in Carlsbad, Calif., has some very good advice here to reduce taxes in retirement: even though you may be retired, the taxman is ready to take a slice of your Social Security and retirement fund payouts. How can you minimize his cut and reduce taxes in retirement?

Larry Light: With boomers retiring every single day, how can they minimize their tax bill in retirement to keep more money in their pocket?

Stephen Nelson: Some people in retirement find out that they actually pay more in taxes than they did when they were working...

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Retirement Crisis: How to Create One

06/14/2019 Finance  No comments

Long-nosed skunk- retirement crisis smells

Long-nosed skunk- retirement crisis smells Humboldt’s hog-nosed skunk (Conepatus humboldti) searching for food in Valle Chacabuco, Patagonia, Chile

Retirement Crisis! Citizens of the world! The press is misleading you on retirement savings!

A worrying new study from the World Economic Forum predicts a retirement crisis with “retirees might run out of money 10 years before they die,” according to Bloomberg News coverage. The World Economic Forum calculates that the average 65-year old American has only enough savings to cover 9.7 years of retirement income out of a nearly 20-year expected retirement. Results for other countries are similar.

As usual, headlines from the credulous news media pile up: “Japanese women face retirement savings gap of almost 20 years,” says the Japan Times...

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