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Senior Housing Investments

04/02/2019 Finance  No comments

Senior Housing Investments

Senior Housing Investments

Did you read my article on Monday about Senior Housing Investments?

You should have. Really. I’m not being egotistical saying so. I can barely even believe how quickly my warning came true.

Titled “The April ‘Fool’s Gold’ REITs,” it was all about real estate investment trusts that my spidey sense (and technical analysis) was telling me to avoid.

In other words, it was on one of my favorite topics to talk about: sucker yields.

There were three REITs in particular that I listed as being in danger of having to chop their dividend offerings to a sustainable size. But the write-up could have applied to any dividend-yielding stock paying out more than it should.

Sadly, there are more than a few of those out there all told.

To capture the article’s main po...

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