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Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball Bites- Delicious & Perfect for Game Time!

12/28/2019 Cooking  No comments

bacon ranch cheese ball bites

Author Alyssa Rivers

Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball Bites are delicious appetizers loaded with shredded cheese, a pop of color from the green onion, cooked bacon chunks mixed with black olives and pecans all rolled together in a tight ball with a pretzel on top. Perfect for that Super Bowl party, or for a night at home with the family!

Party like a rockstar with these cheese ball bites! If you love cheese ball appetizers try these Jalapeno Bacon Cheese Ball, Smoky Bacon Cheddar Cheese Ball or Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball for more flavors

Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball Bites

Ring in the new year or serve at parties with this fun filled bacon ranch cheese ball bite recipe.

These are SO elegant and fun to serve and share at your next party.

Make them look fancy or leave off the pretzel and add a cracker.


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Candy Cane Sugar Cookies

12/04/2019 Cooking  No comments

These Candy Cane Sugar Cookies are outrageously festive! A soft sugar cookie dough is loaded with crushed candy canes and topped with creamy buttercream making them the most festive Christmas Cookie Recipe ever!

Make sure to try my Classic Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe if you want to use your cookie cutters and decorate cookies!

Candy Cane Sugar Cookies with buttercream frosting

Candy Cane Sugar Cookies Are An Easy Christmas Cookie Recipe!

I am completely obsessed with anything that’s creamy-buttery-peppermint. A few years ago I made Buttermint Cookies and they are solidly one of my most favorite Christmas Cookies of all time.

These Candy Cane Sugar Cookies are now a close second! I LOVE sugar cookies so much, and I knew loading them with crushed candy canes would create a peppermint sugar cookie recipe that would be delicious! Of cours...

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Winter on Lake Ontario

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Winter on Lake Ontario

Winter on Lake Ontario

Our winter starts in October and ends in May. Snow, ice, mud, rain, over and over and over. Boots, winter jackets, warmer jackets, mittens, warm gloves, shoveling, more shoveling and chopping the ice. Waiting for the garage roof to shed its ice without dropping on anyone important. Taking out the trash and getting the mail without falling on the ice. Pushing myself to go out among humans when I would rather stay inside where it is warm and there is no snow, ice, mud or rain.

The dogs go out and in, out and in, and bring in the snow, ice, mud and rain. A clean floor is impossible. I have not persuaded them to wear boots. They do like “the towel” when they come in and compete to be the first one to be dried off...

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