I love bling! Diamonds and Pearls

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Diamond Bling

Diamond Bling

I love bling- diamonds, sparkles, tiny white lights, pearls. When I was a younger woman, I wore simple jewelry. As I get older, I enjoy seeing glitzy, sparkling gems; diamonds, gold, silver, opals, rubies, did I say diamonds? I love the sparkle of those tiny white lights on trees outside restaurants. I love the glow of sedate Christmas lights late at night when all is quiet. The gentle shine of pearls makes me smile. I have little need to wear much jewelry. I mostly enjoy it on others.

The attached picture is of my friend’s diamond engagement and wedding rings from her second marriage. This is definitely bling! When we are older with established careers our income allows for bigger and brighter bling!

Many years ago my husband picked me up on a Friday afternoon to go out to dinner. On the seat of the car was a gift bag for me! I asked what the occasion was. He said no special occasion. He had been to the jewelry store to get something for himself and saw spectacular black opal earrings and pendant set. He liked it so much that he bought it for me! He is very thoughtful and definitely a keeper. He has excellent taste in jewelry and in women! And he knows that I love bling!

The current cost of gold is $1293 per ounce, up 300% in the last 15 years. Silver is $15 and platinum is $853. Gold is mined from the ground. Gold mining is a complicated business with labor relations issues, risk of disasters like a mine collapse or deadly gas leaks. When all the gold has been extracted, the miners have to close the mine and return it back to its pre-mined state. Gold is used for coins, bullion, medals and gold bars. Also for dentistry, heat shields and tech gadgets.

Mining for gold sounds like hard work, so I think I will stick to going to the jewelry store, or hope for a Friday afternoon gift. How about you?

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